Twenty years ago, a small group of Lemon Bay founders and golf professionals had the idea of using the game of golf to help give local kids a better shot in life. Thus began the Lemon Bay Junior Golf Foundation.

Golf Experience:

So far, averaging over 140 kids per summer, Lemon Bay Golf Club has taught over 1800 local kids life’s good values through the game of golf. We believe that each of these kids grew up, in some small way, with a better shot in life. Our summer program starts at age 4 and runs through high school. Many kids stick with our program until, as high schoolers, and they become summer golf coaches themselves, giving back to our community.

Summer Program

If you have a child who would like to participate in our summer junior program, please contact Cindy Claude at or 941.697.6445 x203.  Information on our 2019 summer program will be posted in March. To complete an online application click on Junior Golf Application.  Please email Cindy if you would like to have an application and information emailed to you when it becomes available.

College Scholarships:

Several of our older kids become eligible for a college scholarship from Lemon Bay Golf Club. This year we will give eleven great kids, graduates of our summer program, up to $10,000 each for college.

Below are some videos of our Summer Program....  Have fun and enjoy...the kids certainly do!


To support junior golf at Lemon Bay, we have had some wonderful gifts from friends and members. And you already support the program if you’ve signed up for our Bag Tag program. You should feel great knowing that our club works hard to give kids a better shot in life.


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