Junior Golf Application

Junior Golf Application

By completing the form below you are agreeing to the following statement.

My child is in excellent physical condition.  Activities or participation should not be limited because of a physical ailment.  I assume full responsibility for my child’s physical condition and you should proceed with my child in all activities with full confidence in my statement.  If my child’s physical condition should change between now and the time the program begins, I will notify you.  If any emergency arises involving my child, I give you permission and authority to take such steps as are necessary, in your good judgment, to protect and assist my child.  I ask that you proceed in the way you would if your own child were involved.  I agree that I will pay any hospital expenses, doctor bills, and any other expenses that may be incurred as a result of the treatment given my child. 

I am aware that photographs taken on Lemon Bay Golf Club's property and/or at Lemon Bay Golf Club sponsored events may be used in the newspaper, online on websites, or social media or through the FSGA, etc. for promotion of our junior golf program - "A Better Shot". Images may be removed at my request in writing on a case by case basis.

I make those statements in consideration of your allowing my child to be  in the junior program and to take part in all activities.

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