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Lemon Bay Golf Club is a Florida corporation whose stockholders are members of the club. Lemon Bay is private during the months of September through May. The course is open to the public during the summer months of June through August.  All member prospects must be sponsored by two current members.

Lemon Bay is a private, member owned, equity club. A fun filled tournament schedule allows golfers of all skill levels to enjoy the camaraderie of the membership. The club sponsors a growing list of activities for their members. In addition to tournaments, we host weekly men's day and ladies' day events, and a variety of pickup games are available.   We offer 4 different memberships:  Class A, Trial, Class B and Legacy.  Applying for membership requires an executed application, signed by two member sponsors in good standing, along with letters of recommendation from each sponsor. Each applicant must be approved by the Membership Committee and the Board of Governors.

There Is A Reason Why . . .

There is a reason why Lemon Bay is the most popular private golf club in the area. Here are the thoughts of a cross section of Lemon Bay members:

“Lively, weekly mixers-tournaments, and I've met so many people. Great!”

“Very casual, friendly club, it doesn't take itself too seriously.”

“Even if your game is off it doesn't matter, there is so much to enjoy.”

“A fun place to play golf. It's unique...”

“The wildlife...I haven't seen any course quite like it!”

Membership Inquiries

Membership inquiries should be directed to a Lemon Bay Golf Club member, the club's Executive Secretary or Director of Golf.


Cindy Claude


Executive Secretary


Ben McCoy


Director of Golf